Kornshell function declarations

Over the years I have seen and maintained many kornshell scripts written by DBAs, and there are a number of programming styles that provoke strong reactions on who is doing it the "right" way. In this article, I will explain the different ways in which functions can be defined in Kornshell and explain why I personally prefer one method over another. Read More

Starting a Batch (DOS) file minimized

In my article How to backup your Evernote notes regularly I supplied a windows batch file that could be used with the Windows Scheduler to automatically backup your Evernote Notes. In use, however, it soon becomes annoying that the scheduler launches a DOS window to run the script right in the middle of the screen. This article documents the technique for running a batch file minimized to the taskbar. Read More

Database version dependent SQL scripts

I've been working with Oracle databases since version 7.1 and over time I've built up quite a collection of scripts - some of which were improved as later versions of the database provided additional information in the data dictionary (in some cases columns were renamed completely). However because I never know when I might be working on a system running an earlier version of Oracle I sometimes keep multiple versions of scripts, usually with a suffix of v7, v8, etc. However, wouldn't it be nice if you didn't have to specify the version suffix - if somehow the correct script was run automatically? Here's how I do it... Read More