Installing Oracle Enterprise Linux

Whilst building a virtual machine for some Oracle development work I thought it would be useful to document the installation of the OS and Oracle components for future builds. The following guide documents the installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 into a Virtualbox VM ready for a 11g database installation.

Creating the Virtual Machine

I'm not going to cover the process of creating a new VM in Oracle Virtualbox as it is simply a case of following the "Create New Virtual Machine" wizard. As my current work laptop is still running Windows XP (*sigh*) I have limited the amount of memory for the VM to 1.5GB, which appears to be sufficient for the OS and an Oracle RDBMS.

Installing Oracle Enterprise Linux

Attach the Linux ISO image to the virtual machine, start it up and follow the steps shown in the screenshots below (click to enlarge the screenshot):


Installing Virtualbox Guest Additions

Once installation is complete, it is advisable to install the Virtualbox Guest Additions software to enable resizing of the Linux desktop, clipboard synchronization and automatic mouse capture/release. This can be done by selecting the option from the menu as shown below:

Install Guest Additions
Install Guest Additions

Now open a terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal), switch to the root user and run the installation script as follows.

su - root
sh /media/VBOX*/

Once installation is complete you will need to reboot again before the Guest Additions software takes effect.