Making Reflection behave like PuTTY

Around 14 years ago, I switched from using Reflection to PuTTY because it was free and my employer at the time wouldn’t pay for such extravagance software purchases such as a simple terminal emulator! Since then I’ve become rather accustomed to the way PuTTY behaves, and find Reflections particularly annoying to use on the occasion that I visit a client who insists on using it. However, it is possible to solve most of the biggest annoyances… Read More

Kornshell function declarations

Over the years I have seen and maintained many kornshell scripts written by DBAs, and there are a number of programming styles that provoke strong reactions on who is doing it the "right" way. In this article, I will explain the different ways in which functions can be defined in Kornshell and explain why I personally prefer one method over another. Read More

TNS Configuration files – Search order

Oracle clients (and programs that use Oracle clients/drivers) will search for TNS configuration files such as sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora in the following order.

Note that the first file to be found will be used -- so if there were files

Read More

Using Quick I/O files with Oracle

VERITAS Quick I/O supports direct I/O and allows databases to access regular files on a VxFS file system as raw character devices. The benefits for Oracle databases are improved perofmrance (closer to raw devices) with the ability to manage Quick I/O files as regular files. Quick I/O's ability to access regular files as raw devices improves database performance by supporting direct I/O, avoiding kernel write locks on database files and avoiding double buffering. Read More