Making Reflection behave like PuTTY

Around 14 years ago, I switched from using Reflection to PuTTY because it was free and my employer at the time wouldn’t pay for such extravagance software purchases such as a simple terminal emulator! Since then I’ve become rather accustomed to the way PuTTY behaves, and find Reflections particularly annoying to use on the occasion that I visit a client who insists on using it.

However, it is possible to solve most of the biggest annoyances…

Fixed font size – that doesn’t change when you resize the window:

  1. Menu > Setup > Display… > Fonts
  2. Untick the “Auto font sizing” option
  3. Change your font settings to include a size, and change the font if you want to:


Resizing the window changes the number of rows/columns to fit the window:

  1. Menu > Setup > View Settings…
  2. Find the “Dynamic Terminal Size” and change it to “Yes”.
  3. Find the “End of Line Wrap” option and change it to “Yes
  4. Click OK


Double clicking select words and paths including any underscores:

  1. Menu > Setup > View Settings…
  2. Find the “Word Boundary Exclusive” and remove the underscore from the current list of characters.
  3. Click OK


Right click copies and pastes the selected text:

  1. Menu > Setup > Mouse Map…
  2. Click on the picture of the right mouse button.
  3. Change the “command field” to “EditCopy EditPaste
  4. Click “Map”



  • Increase the Display memory to a large number of blocks in Menu > Setup > Display > Screen…
  • Make the cursor blink by ticking “Blinks” in Menu > Setup > Display > Screen…
  • Reduce the delay between pasting characters in Menu > Setup > Display > Screen…